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Fans Speculate About A Past Relationship Between Beyoncé And August Alsina Amid Jada Pinkett Controversy !

Beyoncé and August
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Fans Link Beyoncé With August Alsina

Ever since August Alsina revealed about his relationship with Will Smith’s wife Jada, a section of on the internet has tagged him as a marriage destroyer. Taking the tag forward, the internet is now linking Beyoncé with August Alsina. People have found an image of August with Beyoncé, and now they are speculating that the two shared a relationship while she was married to JAY-Z. People think their relationship would have started when Beyoncé and JAY-Z were having a difficult time during their marriage.

Beyoncé and August
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August Alsina Talks About Meeting Beyoncé

August Alsina once described the moment he met Beyoncé. He revealed that he is a big fan of her and meeting her was a dream come true. He said in 2014, “Beyoncé was one of the people that I was like, ‘Man I’d like to meet Beyoncé.’ And then it happened so randomly, I went to a concert with Jeezy, everybody was drinking, and I went to the back, and I was looking down at my phone, and I guess I just didn’t see her because she was sitting to the side and she was like, ‘Well… hello! ‘And I said, ‘Oh excuse the hell out of me, I’m sorry miss lady. How are you doing?'”

August Alsina’s Meeting With Beyoncé Came During Her Marital Problems

After meeting Beyoncé, she and JAY-Z asked him to join them in the club. He continued, “How can you turn down going to the club with Bey and Jay? You can’t do that.” The people suspect a relationship because the meeting took place at a time when there were rumours tall was not going well in their marriage. Beyoncé and JAY-Z dated for six years and finally got married in 2008. However, JAY-Z revealed in his album 4:44 that he had cheated on Beyoncé during their marriage.

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What Is The August Alsina-Jada Pinkett Controversy

For those who are still unaware of this viral controversy, here is a quick highlight. Alsina revealed in a recent interview that he was in a relationship with Will Smith’s wife and actor Jada Pinkett. He even revealed that Will knew about it and was cool about it. Jada decided to address this in a special Red Table Talk episode. She came to the show with her husband where she admitted that she shared an ‘entanglement’ with Alsina at a time when she was having marital problems with Will.

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