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Fans Speculate About A Past Relationship Between BeyoncΓ© And August Alsina Amid Jada Pinkett Controversy !

BeyoncΓ© and August
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Fans Link BeyoncΓ© With August Alsina

Ever since August Alsina revealed about his relationship with Will Smith’s wife Jada, a section of on the internet has tagged him as a marriage destroyer. Taking the tag forward, the internet is now linking BeyoncΓ© with August Alsina. People have found an image of August with BeyoncΓ©, and now they are speculating that the two shared a relationship while she was married to JAY-Z. People think their relationship would have started when BeyoncΓ© and JAY-Z were having a difficult time during their marriage.

BeyoncΓ© and August
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August Alsina Talks About Meeting BeyoncΓ©

August Alsina once described the moment he met BeyoncΓ©. He revealed that he is a big fan of her and meeting her was a dream come true. He said in 2014, “BeyoncΓ© was one of the people that I was like, ‘Man I’d like to meet BeyoncΓ©.’ And then it happened so randomly, I went to a concert with Jeezy, everybody was drinking, and I went to the back, and I was looking down at my phone, and I guess I just didn’t see her because she was sitting to the side and she was like, ‘Well… hello! ‘And I said, ‘Oh excuse the hell out of me, I’m sorry miss lady. How are you doing?'”

August Alsina’s Meeting With BeyoncΓ© Came During Her Marital Problems

After meeting BeyoncΓ©, she and JAY-Z asked him to join them in the club. He continued, “How can you turn down going to the club with Bey and Jay? You can’t do that.” The people suspect a relationship because the meeting took place at a time when there were rumours tall was not going well in their marriage. BeyoncΓ© and JAY-Z dated for six years and finally got married in 2008. However, JAY-Z revealed in his album 4:44 that he had cheated on BeyoncΓ© during their marriage.

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What Is The August Alsina-Jada Pinkett Controversy

For those who are still unaware of this viral controversy, here is a quick highlight. Alsina revealed in a recent interview that he was in a relationship with Will Smith’s wife and actor Jada Pinkett. He even revealed that Will knew about it and was cool about it. Jada decided to address this in a special Red Table Talk episode. She came to the show with her husband where she admitted that she shared an ‘entanglement’ with Alsina at a time when she was having marital problems with Will.

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