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Father Arrested Allegedly Abducting His Two Young Daughters From A Place Where Two Boys Were Found Dead.

On Sunday, a father was held for allegedly affecting his two daughters from an illegal place were already two boys were found dead. According to the reports, it was a hazardous incident. However, the two girls were found safe. Check out everything you need to know.

The Mysterious Situation

On Sunday, the two young girls Nora Jackson and Aven Jackson we’re reportedly found missing from their house. After which the authorities began to search for them. The police tried finding them all in their area, Β Leavenworth.


A few hours later they got some details which connected the dots further. NCB reported that the kids might be somewhere near 40 minutes south of Kansas City, Kansas. However, this case wasn’t as simple as people thought it was.

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Since according to the NCB’s report, the place where the two girls were racked, two boys were murdered there. It was one of the most dangerous places for two girls to be in. However, the cops did their job and reached the destination.


However, what’s more, mysterious is the fact that before the cops could reach and get the two young girls. Their dad already went there and allegedly abducted their girls without any information to the police. Such a big step in a situation like this could be concluded so dangerous.


The two boys who died in the same place were reported 11 and 14 years old. Investigations related to their murder is being further conducted to find out what happened. However, for now, the father is being arrested for illegally getting their daughter like that. What do you think about it?


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