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Fauci Raises Concern Over Trump’s Quick Recovery

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Fauci Is Concerned Over People’s Misunderstanding

Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, recently raises an essential issue over Trump’s recovery. The official feels that as Trump is a public figure, his quick bounce back may give the wrong message to the public. The Health authority for months trying people to understand the danger of Covid.

But now as the American president got well just in 4 days, they might think it’s not so severe and might start their reckless life. There are many difficulties already relating to the issue. Many of the netizens not yet taking it seriously, and now they will begin to believe in their ideologies. Fauci’s concern has a valid point, though.

US President Had An Quick Recovery

US President Donald Trump recently found positive for Covid-19. Along with his wife, Melania Trump also was positive for the same. However, her condition was stable and not so severe. And she was thus advised to stay at home.

But that not in the case of Donald Trump. Due to his age and weight, he was at high risk and admitted to the military hospital. But with proper care and medication, the president recovered just in 4 days and got back to his work. He also shared with the US netizens that the virus is nothing to worry about, and anyone can quickly recover from this.

Fauci Welcome Trump’s Quick Recovery

It raises Fauci’s tension even more, and he is concerned about the matter. Because people now will go maskless and openly roam without maintaining social distancing. The virus may not be hazardous for a few, but lots might vulnerable to it. As it is already being seen that this is asymptotic for many, but some quickly get under the grasp of it with cold, cough breathing problems, and so on.


Anthony Fauci’s only concern is that people should not take it easy it because many are vulnerable to this. Many might not be affected by the virus, but there is a chance of propagating it further. So it is advisable to stay indoors and stop the disease from spreading.

He also welcomed Trump as he recovered so quickly, but it is essential for people not to misunderstand and take the disease seriously. “It’s A Big Deal,” he added.

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