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Fauci says “US Life Won’t Be Normal Until Late 2021” Even If COVID-19 Vaccine Comes Out By The End Of 2020!

Fauci says “US Life Won’t Be Normal Until Late 2021” Even If COVID-19 Vaccine Comes Out By The End Of 2020!: On Friday, Dr Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, said it would probably take another year before the returns of a sense of “normality” in the US. 

According to Fauci, even if the vaccine is approved in the next few months, going back to normal will take some time. 

In a recent interview, Dr Anthony Fauci said even after coronavirus, it will take deep into 2021 before “normality” in the States.

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President Donald Trump said:

“We’re rounding the final turn, and a lot of good things are happening.”

To this, Fauci replied saying, that he has to disagree with the President’s claims. Looking at the statistic is disturbing; there are 40,000 new cases every day, and the deaths are around 1,000.

After Trump’s statement, Fauci said, “When you downplay something, that’s a threat, not a good thing.”

According to the data, the US has a world record of 6.3 million cases of coronavirus, with almost 200,000 people dead. 

Fauci even warns about the upcoming seasons, as the cases of people being sick increases during fall and winter. So the citizens have to be extra cautious about the virus. He says it isn’t going to be easy. They need to maintain social distancing, avoid crowded places, and wear a mask every time someone goes out. On Friday, Holden Thorpe, the editor-in-chief of Science, the top US scientific journal, wrote that Trump

“deliberately lied about Science in a way that… directly led to the widespread deaths of Americans”, adding that “this may be the most shameful moment in the history of US science policy.”

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