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FIFA 21: Release Date, Availability, Prices And Everything Else

Fifa 21 Release, Announcement
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FIFA 21: Release Date, Availability, Prices: FIFA 21 is officially coming! EA (Electronic Arts), the developer, announced the release date of the current generation FIFA 21.

To give you a basic gist about FIFA video game series, it is related to the FIFA World Cup, where teams play football (soccer) against each other. There is no doubt that Fifa video game series is in the top 10 best video games for many years.

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In total, there are 28 FIFA video games. Now, we are getting yet another FIFA game i-e FIFA 21 soon!

Let us dig into the details of the FIFA franchise and its contents.

FIFA 21: Announcements

At EA Play 2020, held on 18th June, the makers announced a next-gen Football game i-e FIFA 21. The game promises us to feel ‘next-level’ on the next-gen consoles of PS 5 and Xbox Series X.

FIFA 21 Underworks
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FIFA 21 will release on October 9th on PS 4, Xbox 1 and PC via Origin and Steam. Though they did not announce the release date for the next-gen console, we presume it is because there is no official release date for the machines yet.

The official dates for FIFA 21’s next-gen console will be after PS 5 is released. Though Sony Interactive Entertainment hasn’t confirmed yet, we assume the next-gen console will release sometime during holiday season 2020.

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FIFA 21: Availability, Prices

Depending on the version, the new FIFA 21 will be available to audiences. FIFA 21 Ultimate Edition or Champions Edition will be available from 6th October whereas the Origin Access subscribers will get to play the first trial of the game from October 1st.

Liverpool Flag In FIFA 21

FIFA 21 Standard Edition goes up to Rs 3,999. The Champion Edition goes up to Rs 5,499 and, Ultimate Edition goes up to Rs 6,499.

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FIFA 21: Other Details

This time, EA has introduced ‘Dual Entitlement’ in FIFA 21. Dual Entitlement means a person can use FIFA 21 on both PS 4 and Ps 5. If you buy Dual Entitlement, you won’t have to buy another game for the next-gen console.

We are hoping for FIFA 21 to make a storm in the gaming industry. Stay tuned to find out more!




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