FIFA 21: Release Date, Features, Trailer, Price Revealed At EA Play 2020!


FIFA 21: On June 18, 12 pm UK time EA Sports unveiled it’s next-gen football games on EA Play 2020. It gave us a glimpse of what to expect from the games in the event. Along with games like Rocket Arena, Madden 21 NFL, FIFA 21 is also officially coming now. Here is all you have to know about the game.

FIFA 21: Features

This next-gen FIFA 21 game on PS 5 and Xbox One X will provide faster load time, improved graphics, and better player movement. In all FIFA 21 claims to have ‘a whole new level of realism’. There is a deferred lighting system to improve visuals of players physique including the face, hair uniforms etc.


Also, there are much more updates about FIFA 21 coming in the following time. The official trailer is out now. Check it right here.

FIFA 21: Price

The FIFA 21 has three editions available in India for now. Those are – Standard edition, Champions edition, Ultimate editions. The Standard edition starts at Rs. 3,990 on Xbox One and 3,999 on the PS 5 and on PC. The FIFA 21 champions edition cost rs. 5,490 on Xbox One, and rs, 5,499 on PC and PS 5. Also FIFA 21 ultimate edition costs at rs 6,490 on Xbox One and rs 6,499 on PC and PS 5.

If one pre-order the ‘champion’ and ‘ultimate’ editions of the game, you will get some extra benefit. This edition will be accessible before three days of the actual release of the game. One can play the game from October 6.


Also, if one has a subscription to EA Access on PS 4 and Xbox One or Origin Access on PC, you will get more benefits on it. You can get early access to the game as early as October 1. You will get around 10 hours of gameplay additionally. The subscription on Origin Access Premier on PC gets you the full game access on October 1.

Additionally, the subscribers get a 10% discount on all the EA purchases. Also pre-ordering the games will give you a range of Ultimate Team and Career Mode bonus in the game. There is also a limited time Ultimate edition bonus on purchasing ‘Ultimate Edition’ before August 14.

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