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FIFA21 v/s FIFA20: Upgrade To The Latest Version Or Not?

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FIFA21 Rolling Out Globally

FIFA21 v/s FIFA20: Upgrade To The Latest Version Or Not?: Post a massive success of FIFA 20, EA launched the all-new FIFA 21. The latest from EA rolled out globally on 9th October 2020. FIFA is hugely popular and loved by all gaming enthusiasts. And each development of the game is very much advanced, and new features are kept added. FIFA21 is a new addition to the franchise.

But one thing this time is crunching the mind of FIFA followers is how much advance the game will be? Is EA introducing and advanced new features for FIFA21 or it’s just a modified version. Many such questions are raising in the mind of hardcore FIFA followers.

There is a buzz around the FIFA21 is that it will come with minimal development and mostly remain similar to FIFA20. Well, it is not a long time to review the game properly. But some of the reviewers reviewing the game and giving some mixed reviews for the high-rated game FIFA21.

Whether To Spend For FIFA21

The gamers still confused about whether they should spend the money in a mere development or FIFA21 will be the new beast in the gaming world. According to many sources, the new FIFA development came with some advanced features. At the same time, many saying it to be similar to FIFA20 with minimal changes in characters and skins.

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The Guardian reviewed FIFA21, and they gave it a positive review. According to The Guardian, the new FIFA is smooth and more comfortable than that of the old version. Gamespot also declared the game as a significant up-gradation from FIFA21 and with advanced features. With the release of the most anticipated gaming consoles like PS5 and Xbox Series-X, it is believed to give a high-end football experience.

Reviews And New Features

While some reviews are negative and say it to not packed with any major features, some new features that came in the notice are the squad. Yes, a new team is introduced in the game, which is a boost from FIFA20. Apart from that the players also switch the game manually and simulate matches in the football Manger style.

FIFA21 also allows retaining players and let them play in a different position according to the need. So obviously we can see some significant development in the game which is a boost to FIFA20.

Advanced graphics and changes in sound-tracks are also happening to be a significant development in FIFA21.

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