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Fire At Moria Village Destroys Human Property And Life!! Leaves 12K People Homeless

a fire broke out in Greece in thr area of lesbos
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Fire At Moria Village Destroys Human Property And Life!! Leaves 12K People Homeless: On Wednesday a fire broke out in Greece in the area of lesbos. The fire remains immense and has destroyed the entire Refugee camp. The fire took place at Moria villa, which has destroyed refugees camps build over the years ago.

The base was a shelter to many refugees and is now into ashes. Hence let us move ahead with the topic and learn more about it.

Largest Refugee Camp

Europes largest refugee camp is present at the Greek island of Lesbos. The life in Europes largest Refugee camp is miserable. As a result, people residing in the area hardly get clean water and hygiene facility. The site serves as a shelter to thousands of refugees from all around the world. However, 70% of refugees are known as afghanis coming from Afghanistan.

Moria fires
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It includes people from Nigeria, Somalia and other backwards countries. No proper sheltering, scarce resources and limited health care facility remain unchanged for years. However, the facility made available at the refugee camp is only for 3000 people. But due to high rates of poverty, more than 12000 people reside as the same location. Therefore Greek island of lesbos remains “Worlds largest refugee camp.”

The Emergence

a fire broke out in Greece in the area of lesbos
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The fire took place on Tuesday night when people were peacefully at their home. However, it hard to find the reason behind the accident. As none of the residents was aware of it and the fire was natural says, residents.
Although according to Greek Migration Minister:

“Incidents in Moria began with the asylum seekers because of the quarantine imposed.”

“Some of the 35 people who had tested positive for Covid-19 had reportedly refused to move into isolation with their families.”

At the same time, some residents blame Greek forces for the happening of the incident. While some say, the spread of the fire was due to winds.

Casualties And Property Loss

The fire broke out has damaged human property and houses. Fortunately, no casualties were at the place where the incident took place. As many people tried to escape the fire, their lives were protected. As a result, people have no shelter to protect themselves and are struggling to find one.

Government To Help The Refugees

The Greek government witnessed the incident and are all to set to provide necessities. Moreover, the Prime Minister of the German state offered to admit 1000 refugees in Germany. Government is concerned about the incident at Moria and is building shelter for everyone affected.

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