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Florida Resort Announced Friday That It Is Set To Reopen Its Theme Parks And Water Park To The Public On June 5!

The Coronavirus Lockdown

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, the world completely crippled under the situation. Every shop and institution closed. It officially announced by the WHO (World Health Organisation).

According to one of the most established organizations in the world, which is WHO, the world supposed to be incomplete lockdown. This lockdown was to protect the people of the world.

All the countries across the world, including the United States of America, France, and many other European countries, were on lockdown.

Universal studios Orlando
Universal Studios Orlando

Even restaurants and shopping malls world shut. Only some important essential services were running so that people could buy food. The economy is still crumbling, and we see no improvement.

However, the wants and demands of the people must be satisfied to keep the economy running. This can only be done is some of the places can be opened up while proper precaution is taken.

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Universal Studios Orlando

Universal Studios Orlando has announced that it will be opening up from June 5th onwards. Lots of parks and moles are also paining up why some of the beaches of the USA see more and more teenagers every day.

The Universal Studios, along with the Florida Resort, will have its gates open for bookings and people. You will be able to go outside once again with your kids and family to have some nice time in the theme of water parks. Aren’t you excited about this?

Water Parks In Florida
Water Parks In Florida

The Guidelines To Be Followed

Though water parks and theme parks are to be opened up, some precautions need to be followed. These are:

  • Screening upon entry of the people
  • Proper distancing, with a mask (compulsory) and other safety gear.
  • Special safety and restrictions for kids and the elderly

With the above main ones, you can look up the official website for more information.

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