Formal Request By Boston Mayor to Sony

Formal Request By Boston Mayor to Sony

PAX East Indie Showcase shows all the indie games which no one has ever heard of its availability in mobile platforms. It is open to all mobile games including Android, iOS, and Nintendo Switch!

PAX East 2020 is scheduled for 27th February 2020 to 1st March 2020.

Recently PlayStation had announced that it would be absent for PAX East Boston due to increasing concerns of coronavirus. The mayor of Boston reached to Sony asking to reconsider pulling out from the upcoming PAX East.

Marty Walsh, the mayor of Boston, sent a letter to Sony President and CEOΒ Kenichiro Yoshida regarding the matter. The mayor asked them to take the decision on “facts not fear”.

The mayor also recommended PlayStation to not play into “harmful stereotypes” about Chinese people.


The Letter

Walsh, in his letter, said that the risk of coronavirus in the Boston and Massachusetts area is shallow. He also stated that to visit the city, no one should make the plan cancel.

The letter also says that Boston is united in dispelling the misguided fears. He also mentions that anti-Chinese and anti-Asian are responsible for generating misinformation. They created fear of COVID-19 in the United States.

Walsh states that these anti-Asians and anti-Chinese people have worked very hard to create and view the people as suspicious and make to miss out on the opportunities and connections which Boston global city provides.


PlayStation Blog and its Decision

In February, Sony announced that it would not be attending PAX EAST. Recently later this month Sony released its statement on PlayStation Blog.

It stated that Sony Interactive Entertainment is withdrawing this year from PAX East due to concerns increasing regarding COVID-19.

It also stated that as the situation is changing day by day, for Sony, this was the safest option and decision. Sony also says their disappointment for cancelling it, but for them, the health and safety of their workforce come first.

Walsh said to PlayStation that it is the leader in technology, so it should get rid of fears and get motivated by facts.

Till now, only one patient from Boston has been confirmed having COVID-19. The resident had recently returned from Wuhan and has been kept in isolation in his home where he has been treated.

PlayStation has not yet replied to the letter by Boston mayor.

It was also reported that similarly PlayStation and Facebook withdraw from the 2020 Game Developers Conference stating the same concerns over the coronavirus.

So, let us wait for the reply of PlayStation.

Will it accept and take a decision on facts or will it still stand for its withdraw being a safe decision?



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