‘Fortnite’ Let Off All But Assures A Flood Theme For Chapter 2 Season 3!

Fortnite: About The Game

Fortnite is one of the best video games which were ever provided to The Gamers and the teenagers. I think it is absolutely the best time for all the players to have a good time at home because of the Quarantine.

For the players who have played only one version of Fortnite that is anyone out of the three, then it is a good time for them.

The first one of Fortnite is Save The World version.Β  Here you have to survive, and you are a third-person shooter. In this game, you will have some Zombie-like creature is around you, and you must kill them all.

Then comes the Fortnite Battle Royale, which involves a lot of multiplayer and online gaming. There is another version which is Fortnite creative. Here you can build up characters and whatever things you might want to in the gameplay.

Chapter Two Season Two
Chapter Two Season Two

I think there are some those who love Fortnite creative version more rather than Battle Royale. But let’s accept it Battle Royale is the best.

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The Delay In Season 3

Various seasons and chapters which released in a Fortnite, There are actually lots of updates which follow and I think people who like some variety really appreciate this.

However, the actual season 2 was about to end around June 4, but it was officially announced that now it will be extended. There are some of the extensions provided in season 3, but I think season 2 is larger since it will last up to June 11.

Are you enjoying the gameplay up until now?

Fortnite Chapter 2 extended
Fortnite Chapter 2 extended

Chapter Two Season Two

You can actually complete all the battle passes and options which are available in Chapter 2 of season 2. I think the extension is completely fabulous for some people because they needed more time.

However, it is not very good for those Gamers who are expecting season 3 really soon. Now it is delayed by more than a week, and I guess waiting is the only option.

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