Fortnite Skill Based Match Making Removed – Epic Games Has Removed SBMM From Fortnite, Which Is Good News For Many Fans!

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Epic Games introduced Fortnite Skill based match making aka SBMM feature last year in chapter 2 season 1. This was one of the controversial updates in Fortnite game series. The new update of the system had good intentions but faced many flaws and difficulties.

As for now the SBMM feature is removed from the game. Many fans appreciating the decision while many others are against it. Read the article for the details.Skill Based Matchmaking is Working - Fortnite Season 2 ...

The Skill Based Match Making Is Removed From Squads But Still On Duos

The feature helps a player to fight against the player of similar skill. This helps the new players to survive from skilled players and build their Fortnite pros. Epic introduced the SBMM to the game based on user feedback. But several complaints about the feature and developers removed it from the squad combats. But it is still existing in the duos.

Why Fortnite Skill Based Match Making Is Removed?

The Skill Based Match Making introduction to the game is appreciated by the low skilled players. As the feature solely focused on helping the new players to survive but it reduced the game’s spirit. One of the Fortnite players, also a host of streamers has raised their voice against the displeasure. He accused the feature as the SBMM made the game into a sweet-fest for the players who are trying too hard to win a match.Is Skill-Based Matchmaking In Fortnite? (Pro Player's ...

This type of complaint among gamers makes Epic remove the feature. As it causes the casual aspect of the game changes. Also, it causing the step up to every higher-level play as a competitive contest.

The SBMM Is Available On Other Games

But the Skill Based Match Making Isn’t removed from all the games. The feature still exists in Battle Royale Games such as Apex Legends and in Call of Duty’s Warzone.Patch Notes for Fortnite v10.40 - Skill-based matchmaking ...

Also the players are asking to have the Skill Based Match Making feature in the game in moderation. Epic can create a list where newer players can drop into a fight only with AIs. Or it can available a mode for the new players to activate the Skill Based Match Making feature when they want.

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