Free Weekend Trial for “The Division 2”, Information Revealed

Free Weekend Trial for "The Division 2", Information Revealed

Free Weekend Trial for “The Division 2”, from February 27 to March 2 on all platforms

Division 2 will be free to play from Friday, February 27 to Monday, March 2. Ubisoft released Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 ahead of the Warlords of New York launch on March 3.

If the customers are not satisfied with the price and if they want to try it before purchasing, this weekend free trial would be the best option for them. It is live until early morning on Monday, March 2.

The free trial is available on all platforms -PC, PS4, and Xbox One. For PS 4, PS Plus is not required, and for Xbox One, Xbox Live Gold is required. The entire game is available for free to play.

The promotion might get new players to try the game Warlords of New York, which is releasing on Tuesday, March 3. It is the narrative-driven expansion for Tom Clancy’s Division 2 which includes new seasons, leagues and the return of global events

Division 2 was released in February 2019, and it got good feedback from the critics, but it couldn’t reach to maximum audience.

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Tom Clancy’s Division 2 is an online open world where the player can play solo or co-op with a team of up to 4. It is set in destructed Washington D.C. and gives a realistic environment with fast-paced action.

The game has got a mixture of modern military atmosphere and looter shooter RPG mechanics, but it couldn’t achieve its financial goals. The player can play various activities like main campaign, PvP matches and Dark Zone

The former Division agent Aaron Keener wants to take control on Lower Manhattan by manipulating his 4 lieutenants. The powerful opponents Javier Kajika, Vivian Conley, Theo Parnell, and James Dragon, are ready to take the revenge

Division 2 will be reworked along with new content and new reworked weapon, shooting system. Ubisoft’s strategy to rework Division 2 and giving it for free trial might give a good result this time.


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