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‘Free Weezy Album’ Now Streaming On All Platforms!

via Free Weezy Album now streaming on all platforms- Techno Info Plus

Yes, everyone, this is happening! Lil Wayne’s ‘Free Weezy Album’, also known as FWA, is finally streaming on all the digital streaming platforms.

The famous rapper decided to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the album by finally dropping it on all major streaming platforms.

And of course, fans are super excited by this great news.

The Free Weezy Album

Free Weezy Album
Free Weezy Album now streaming on all platforms- Techno Info Plus

This album, which was almost like a forbidden fruit for many, was previously available exclusively on TIDAL.

TIDAL is a digital streaming platform that Lil Wayne’s friend and rapper JAY-Z owns.

FWA was first released five years ago on July 4, 2015, exclusively on TIDAL by Republic Records and Young Money Entertainment. Yes, they released it on the Independence Day of America.

Originally consisting of 16 tracks, it is curious that four tracks from this album are now missing. That’s right. No one knows why these four tracks, “Thinking About You,” “He’s Dead,” “Without You” and “I Feel Good” are missing from the revamped album.

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Positive reviews

Back then, the album received mostly positive, and sometimes mixed reviews.

The album has a green score of 61 on Metacritic.

Ural Garrett, HipHopDX contributor gave it a positive review at the time of its release. “Free Weezy Album features both that lovely stream-of-consciousness lyricism and oddly refreshing conceptual themes that made him so worthwhile. Wayne sounds like he finally gets it,” he wrote.

At the moment, the famous rapper has been busy with Young Money Radio, his new Apple Music Show.

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