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Friends Reunion: Lisa Kudrow Gives Update On Friends Reunion !

Friends Reunion

It has been around 16 years since iconic sitcom Friends came to an end. The series had a 10-year run, during which they earned a huge fan base across the world. Even after coming to an end, the following generations have watched and fallen in love with the series. It was consistent throughout its ten seasons, and fans have loved the six characters like their family. People have gone through a journey of this cult classic, which has been funny and emotional at the same time. After its end, the show has made headlines for a comeback almost every now and then. The Friends fans leaped with joy when the cast simultaneously announced it in February in their Instagram accounts that a reunion is on the way.

Friends Reunion
Source: Instagram

Lisa Kudrow Talks About Friends Reunion On Conan

The reunion will be a one-episode special on HBO. However, much to fans dismay, the coronavirus hit the world at the worst possible time. The virus has stopped the production works in the entertainment industry. Talks shows like Conan are getting shot through Zoom calls. Lisa Kudrow, who played the popular main character Phoebe Buffay on Friends, made an appearance on the talk show and shed some light on the release of reunion. She said, β€œ We have something on the books for us to do it at some point in August. And we’ll see. We’re all still waiting for guidelines for shooting things. So, hopefully!”

Conan Says Lisa Kudrow Predicted About The Pandemic Since Many Years

Conan made some funny revelations and claimed that Lisa has been talking about the pandemic for years. He said, β€œalways used to be telling me over the years, β€˜A pandemic could be coming,’” and that she is β€œthe person who I would say has been preparing for this pandemic since the day I met you.”

Lisa Kudrow
Source: Fox News

Lisa Kudrow Talks About Quarantine

Conan asked Lisa how she is coping with the sudden changes due to pandemic and especially the quarantine. Lisa gave a funny replying, saying, β€œThere was no adjusting. It was just how I lived my life. There were days and days where I just never even left my house or went in my car.”

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