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Friends : Your Favorite Couple Ross And Rachel Now Have A Song Of Their Own !

Ross And Rachel
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The Iconic Ross And Rachel Relationship Now Has A Song

Friends is one of those rare TV series that has successfully left an everlasting impression on its viewers. Such is its legacy that people still watch and talk about the 1994 show in 2020. There is no Friends fan who has watched the show just once. Every Friends fan knows the iconic relationship between Ross and Rachel. The two central characters of the show went through a hell of a rollercoaster ride before ending up together in the very last episode. Now, Singer/songwriter Jake Miller has come up with a song that shows the journey of the couple from start to the end.

Singer Jake Miller Talks About His Song β€˜Ross And Rachel’

As per the storyline, Ross had a crush on Rachel since their school days. However, they only started dating after Ross’ first marriage ended in a disaster. And every Friends fan is in a forever debate of whether the two were on a β€˜break’. Jake, the man behind the song β€˜Ross and Rachel’ uploaded the song on his YouTube channel. Talking about the song, he said, β€œRoss was in love with Rachel way before she even knew it, and he waited years for her to even notice. True love is worth the wait and that’s what I wrote this song about.”

β€˜Ross And Rachel’ Is A Symphony Of Nostalgia

Jake revealed that he tried his level best to give people a sense of Nostalgia through his song. He tried to replicate the nostalgia of the show itself. He said, β€œWe wanted the song to have the same nostalgic feel as Friends. Friends have always been one of my favourite shows, and Ross and Rachel have always been my favourite TV couple.”

What’s Up With Friends Reunion

As you all know, the Friends reunion was supposed to take place this year. However, the pandemic has pushed its production. As of now, there is no tentative date as to when the six will come together for the production work of the show. However, people are eagerly waiting to see all six characters under one roof since the show got over in 2004.

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