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Fusion: Mad Scientist-Venom, Is Rick Going To Transform In A Venom?

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Lately, a lot is going on with the show ‘Rick and Morty’. So many controversies whether it’s about Wrangler or a Butter Robot, or a concept behind the episode or the news of the arrival of Season 5 a lot sooner than expected, and what else not. So, it won’t make much difference if we add one more reveal to the list, right? I’m talking about the Fusion: Mad Scientist-Venom.

What fusion? To know more, read below…

Fusion: Mad Scientist-Venom…

The very famous evergreen show ‘Rick and Morty’ has always been fanned as a favorite animated show with millions of fans. β€˜Rick and Morty’ is nowadays all over the news. Again, something happened due to which the show became part of controversies all over the Internet.

β€˜Rick and Morty’ is basically an animated sci-fi and adventurous show, created by Dan Harmon. It is the favorite show of Adult Swim. This show is also streaming on Netflix till season 4. This show has always been one of the best shows in animated categories and has won numerous awards.

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And is there anyone who doesn’t know about the Marvel Universe, I guess not even a single person. Our beloved avengers rule over the hearts of the fans. I’m pretty sure, whenever ‘Marvel’ name arises the first thought that comes to one’s mind is ‘Avengers‘. Okay, Hola! Hola! I got you.

But this time, it is not about the Avengers, I’m talking about Marvel’s cinematic world based on comics and cartoons. I hope you guys are aware that ‘Rick and Morty’ is going to be a part of ‘Marvel Universe‘. If no then, lemme clear it guys it is an official statement, even the ‘Rick and Morty’ creators officially confirmed that the show is going to be a part of ‘Marvel Universe’, the announcement has been made at the very start of this year.

Season 5: Venom episode’s title…

And we can clearly see the biggest fusion of this time between ‘Rick and Morty’ and the ‘Marvel Universe’, the upcoming season is going to be so fun. In the upcoming season, we can the concept of ‘Rick and Morty’ will be based on both the show storyline as well as on ‘Venom’.

‘Venom’ is one of the biggest characters from the Marvel Universe, it is basically an alien symbiote. This is all about a fusion: mad Scientist-Venom. The creators already revealed the title of the episode in which we could see Venom with its various transformation. The episode titled as,

“Venom: Let There Be Carnage”

Fusion: Mad Scientist-Venom
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Season 5: Updates…

The production work of season 5 of this series is currently under the construction and will be out by 2021 for sure. This season is actually coming so sooner than fans ever expected. As fans are already predicting that the show is going to end soon.

But anyway, for now, it’s gonna so much fun to see a concept of a mad scientist with a Venom or as a Venom. There are so many possibilities like it could happen that Rick will be experimenting on something and by mistake, he’d mess up the shit and himself turns into a Venom. Or it might be Morty’s intervention.

With a crazy and such an adventurous show like this, anything like literally anything can happen. So, just hope for the best guys. And for more updates, stay tuned!

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