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F(x)โ€™s Amberย humble Reply To BLACKPINKโ€™s Lisaโ€™s Fan

F(x)'s Amber and Black Pink Lisa

F(x) ‘s Amber humble Reply To BLACKPINK’s Lisa’s Fan: Fans don’t respond well to F(x) ‘s Amber making it to top and Lisa ending low. Amber responded to BLACKPINK’s Lisa’s fan, who didn’t think she deserved to be on top of Lisa.

Source: Koreaboo

Best Rapper Opinion

The little piece got revealed on the Korean portal on best rappers who can be singers. A Twitter user couldn’t feel related it and went on to show his hate to Amber, who made it on the top.

Amber Liu

The Twitter user left negative comments for F(x) ‘s Amber, who had made it to the top of the list, which was not equally fair by that specific follower. He believed thatย  Amber didn’t deserve the spot, not accepting the fact that Lisa was below her on the list.

However, Amber reacted humbly rather than letting the situation heated up more.

Amber’s Reply To The Tweet

Amber had made it to the top of the article byย Koreabooย that is ‘These 14 K-Pop Rappers Can Slay The Vocal Position’ as she had initially got trained as a vocalist.

Amber’s replied most humbly, acknowledging the fact that Lisa was a great rapper.


Amber, who had trained as a vocalist, ended up in the position of a rapper by the entertainment company and groups’ owner, SM. F(x) ‘s Amber had no other way but to debut as a rapper back when the group debuted.

After the tweet many if Amber fans have come to her rescue, Retweeting her reply and defending her. Before the matter could expand anymore, Amber tweeted.

For Anyone Unaware

Amber Josephine Liu,ย goes by the stage name Amber or Amber Liu, is a Taiwanese-American singer, rapper, and songwriter.

The F(x) ‘s a rapper.

In September 2009, she debuted as a member of the South Korean girl group f(x). In 2015, she became the first f(x) member to make a solo debut with the release of her first extended play Beautiful and has since further released solo singles.

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