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Gale Sayer’s Death Adds To The List Of Unfortunate Events Of 2020

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Gale Sayer’s Death Adds To The List Of Unfortunate Events Of 2020: One of the N.FL.’s greatest players, though his career was cut short by injuries, his name spread beyond the sports world after the movie “Brian’s Song.”

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Gale Sayers has publicly shown dementia symptoms for four years; after that, his family revealed his problem in 2017.

The Greatest Halfback!

On Wednesday, Gale died at his home in Wakarusa, Ind. at the age of 77. He adds to the list of football players who died due to brain damage after developing dementia.

Guy Bullard, Sayer’s stepson, said the cause was complications of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

His football career was cut short due to his knee injuries, but he is known as the greatest player of his time. This statement got backed up by the 2017 email by the general manager of three National Football leagues team, Ernie Accorsi.

He said: “Sayer’s is the greatest halfback I ever saw.”

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Ernie Accorsi added that some great fullbacks might have had more heft and power than Sayers. Sayer’s was six feet tall and weighed 98 pounds, but no players could cut corners like him.

Hall of Fame President and CEO David Baker said in a statement that everyone who loves football would surely mourn the loss of one of the most outstanding players. He added: “He was the very essence of a team player- quiet, unassuming and always ready to compliment a teammate for a key block. Gale was an extraordinary man who overcame a great deal of adversity during his NFL career and life.”

In June 2019, the team celebrated its 100th anniversary. When Gale went to visit the section, he received a standing ovation from Bears fans.

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