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Galyn Gorg Dies Of Cancer One Day Before Her Birthday !

Galyn Gorg
Source: The Sun

Galyn Gorg Dies Of Cancer

Galyn Gorg was an American dancer and actress. She is known for her role in Robocop 2 in which she played the character of Angie. She was part of M.A.N.T.I.S where she played Lt. Maxwell. Moreover, the show was the first T.V. series to have a black superhero. She was a professional dancer and was a dancer in two Italian shows. Her parents were very much into the theatre, which encouraged her to take up dancing, acting, and modelling. However, on 14 July 2020, Galyn died due to cancer, a day before her 56th birthday.

Source: The Sun

GoFundMe Page Set Up For Galyn’s Funeral

A GoFundMe page has been set up for covering Galyn’s funeral expenses. Furthermore, the message on the page read, “She was diagnosed with cancer throughout her entire body and lungs. The doctors claimed she only had days maybe a week to live, and after remaining optimistic and praying for a miracle, she has sadly passed. We were unaware of just how sick she was as the diagnosis was a shock to the entire family.” Moreover, they are asking for whatever little donation people can give to absorb the cost of her funeral.

Galyn’s Near One’s Ask For Prayers And Donations

Along with the donations, the message also asked for prayer for the departed soul of Galyn. Galyn’s relatives have spent a lot of money to fly down to her place of treatment. Now they are short of cash for her funeral services. Moreover, the message read, “Any donation is greatly appreciated, even prayers! If possible, please share, we want to send her off beautifully as her heart and spirit were filled with generosity, love, kindness, forgiveness, and compassion.”

Galyn Gorg
Source: Walikali

Galyn Gorg’s Upcoming Movie

The diagnosis of cancer in her body was very sudden to her and her family. She was shooting for a movie called Teller’s Camp. Moreover, the shoot of the movie was complete and is all set to release in 2021. The movie also stars Olivia Olson and Megan Ward. It will be seen if the coronavirus pandemic will have any effect on the release of her last movie.

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