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Gavin Rossdale OPENS UP about his MARRIAGE AND DIVORCE with Gwen Stefani.

Gavin Rossdale, 54, the frontman of the Rock band Bush parted ways from the No Doubt singer, Gwen Stefani. The relationship soon knocked down. The split was almost far from being courteous following Gavin’s cheating allegations. The pair soon filed for divorce, wherein Stefani cited irreconcilable differences. The ‘now split’ pair are parents to three beautiful children. Kingston, 14, is the oldest son, Zuma is 11 and Apollo, six. However, even after their split, they have been concerned and have remained committed in coparenco-pa. Gavin has previously been in a relationship with Pearl Lowe. He the father of Strictly star, Daisy Lowe, 31.

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Gavin Rossdale SHARES ‘most EMBARRASSING moment’.

Gavin Rossdale
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Gavin has not always been very open about his relationships and divorces. But finally, after almost 5 years now, he has opened up about his marriage and divorce. The Guardian had a Q and A session with Rossdale, recently. As per the rule, he was asked to answer some of the questions provided to him. He was asked about the most embarrassing moment of his life. Surprisingly, Rossdale did not hesitate to talk about his divorce and marriage with a humorous approach to it. He answered: “The gross and Copsided spectre of the crumbling of my marriage”. Previously, Ross did confess that divorce was one of the hardest and most painful things to go through. But that totally does not change the fact that the 20 years they have been together as couples before and after being married, was in itself pretty amazing.

Gwen Stefani has finally found the new spark of her life.

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Briefly, after Gwen Stefani and Rossdale parted ways, Gwen Stefani began dating with Blake Shelton in November 2015. Ever since the fairy tale love story of Blake and Gwen has been the talk of the town. Now, they appear to be stronger than ever after four and a half years together. Recently, Gwen confessed her wish of marrying Blake when the coronavirus pandemic is over. Hopefully, we will get to see the beautiful Gwen in a wedding gown soon.

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