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‘Gears 5’ Available For Free On Stream And Windows 10!

Gears 5 is an action video game developed by Xbox gaming studios. It is available for Xbox One and Windows. This is the sixth game of Gears of War series. The game is released in September 2019. Currently, this is available for free on Steam and Windows 10. Here are details:-

Gears 5

Gears game is originally owned by Epic Games. This is second time they give rights to Microsoft. This is a shooting game. This game supports single-player and three players gameplay. Local gameplay also allows split-screen and cooperative gaming. It also has several modes like Team Deathmatch, Escape and more. This game have nearly 10-20 hour campaign mode. This game is the storyline of Kait who discovers the origin of his species and the history of her family.

Gears 5 On Steam & Windows

Gears 5

As we know Steam is an online multiplayer gaming platform. This focuses on competitive gaming experience. On 6th April official twitter handle of the game of Gears of War tweeted that Gears5 is currently available for free on Steam and Windows 10. This free version is available till 12th April. This free version allows you to play all available modes. Including Escape, Deathmatch and traditional co-op mode.

Gears 5 Free Version: How To Get This

This free version of Gears 5 is only available till April 12. If you want to play this you can download this from Steam. Either if you have PC then you can easily download this from Windows play store. This offer is exclusive for Gold Pass and Xbox Live Gold members. It is part of Microsoft Xbox Free Playdays. In this free version, you also get the latest maps, characters and other updates of Gears 5 game.

Hence this way Microsoft offers you to enjoy your quarantine a bit more easily. This also promotes Microsoft gaming. Theories also said through this schemes Microsoft is trying to gain a special position in online gaming. Subsequently, they have to fight with Sony’s PlayStation for that position. Let’s see how this interesting tail go ahead.

Gears 5

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