Gears Tactics, The Prequel To Gears And Wars! Release Date! Plot! Cast

Gears Tactics, The Prequel To Gears And Wars ! Release Date ! Plot ! Cast

Gears Tactics, The Prequel To Gears And Wars! Release Date! Plot! Cast

Gears Tactics was revealed at the Game Awards 2019 in Los Angeles by Geoff Keighley. Β The Β trailer and release date were declared during the event

Release Date

Gears Tactics launches on April 28, 2020, exclusively for PC on the Windows Store, Xbox Game pass for PC and Steam

Tactics are developed by the British studio Splash Damage, who was also the developer for the Gears editions. It is developed with the support from the Coalition

Players can pre-order Gears Tactics in both the platforms and get some special bonus which includes Thrashball Cole Character Pack and the Thrashball Armor Set


As the name indicates and in the trailer, it is said, “In this War, every move matters,” it is more about playing with tactics rather than just shooting or fighting. The campaign is 40 hours long one

The Gears Tactics will be a prequel to the original Gears of Wars which takes place before 12 years that is Β before Marcus Fenix’ stime

Gears Tactics is an aggressive fighting game set in unstoppable Β fast-paced battles, and it is a turn-based strategy game like in Fire Emblem or XCOM

The characters in the game fight against an evil monster Yukon. Yukon first appears in a video game previously. He was a character in the comics. The other enemies will be hulking Brumak and Corpse.

The players need to survive from the threat caused by the monsters and save humanity

The player plays as Gabe Diaz, the survivor who is in a mission to defeat the enemies by forming a squad and upgrading them with special skills, outfits, and equipment.


It is confirmed by the studio head at the Coalition that Gears Tactics will not have microtransactions. The cosmetic customizations can be earned within the game which is not clearly stated how it can be earned, so the gamers don’t want to purchase for any skin or armor customizations in the store

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