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Gemma Collins is not a fan of Joey Tribbianiโ€™s โ€˜How you doing?โ€™

Friendโ€™s famous TV SHOW character Joey Tribbianiย can seduce anyone by his iconic โ€˜How you doinโ€™?. It may have worked on just about every female in Friendsย character and even fans.ย but Gemma Collins is having none of it.

Joey Tribbiani: โ€˜How you doingโ€™.









The moment when Gemma Collins shut Joey down has now become a meme for the world.

The videoย starts with a scene from Friendsโ€™ season six where Joey [Matt LeBlanc] tries to seduce his dancer roommate Janine Lacroixย [Elle Macpherson].ย Which he then does with the iconic Gemma Collins.

Joey drawls, โ€˜How you doinโ€™?โ€™ in that specific way, try to get Gemmaโ€™s attention.

The meme then cuts to Gemma sarcastically Says, โ€˜Do you know what, honey? See you later,โ€™ as she gets up from her table at a restaurant.While going, she yells back at Joey saying โ€˜I am not wasting my time hereโ€™.

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In the video, we can see poor Joey being hurt and saying โ€˜oh okayโ€™.After that, he Widens his eyes in confusion and horror. Joey says โ€˜Oh, dear God!โ€™

Recently on Instagram, Gemma appreciated that little moment. captioned it โ€˜When Joey tried to flirt with the GCโ€™.

just as much as we did as she shared it on her Instagram, writing: โ€˜Some fun.โ€™It still doesnโ€™t beat โ€˜Iโ€™M CLAUSTROPHOBIC, DARRENโ€™, but we reckon this ranks highly in Gemmaโ€™s rich back catalogue of comedy.

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