General Hospital Spoiler: Brando And Sasha Are In Love?


Finally, we have some hot tea to spill for you guys. According to the reports Brando Corbin and Sasha Gilmour are having a thing. They could possibly become a couple in future in the general hospital spoilers. The news of them becoming a couple is going out a lot on the internet and fans are going crazy about it. in the recent episodes we saw that Brando was feeling little too much for Sasha. check out everything you need to know about it.

Brando And Sasha Are A Thing?

Does brand have a kind heart is the feeling for Sasha. in the recent episodes we saw that Brando was not at all ready to let Sasha die out of a heart attack at Cyrusβ€˜s apartment. He didn’t even consider Cyrusβ€˜s opinion and tried everything he could to save Sasha. Is that some kind of indication that Brando is feeling for Sasha and they might get together in future as a couple. however, Β it looks like Cyrus does not want Brando to be with Sasha as he asks Cyrus to get rid of her.

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however if you think that was it then you are completely wrong. Brando then call 911 and took Sasha to the general hospital. However fans have a variety of response about it on the internet. Some believe that Brando is doing it just out of empathy. But others think that it is kind of a feeling of love for him. For those all who don’t know about it, Brando had gone through a similar incident in past. Which makes the fan believe that Brando is doing it out of empathy.


moreover fans have made a lot of speculations if they are really together but have chances to be a couple in future. Talking about Brando beautiful brunette girls is just his type. Whereas talking about Sasha she is drawn two men with a kind heart and who don’t judge her. Looks like the two I just made for each other. But will will they be a couple in future?


Brandon Saves Sasha

When Sasha is in the general hospital Brando is the first one to visit her and he constantly checks upon her. Even if that means taking his own life at risk and spoiling his relationship with Cyrus. He does everything he possibly could to make sure that Sasha is okay and she is conscious. Fans believe that if that is not love then what is?


After that what happened was a very sweet moment for the viewers. We see a conversation between Sasha and Brando. Brando tries to comfort Sasha and asks her if she’s okay after what happened last night. however Sasha looked confused as she didn’t knew much about what she went through last night. However, Brando tells glimpse of the story and even shares his experience with her.


in the next few episodes will see that Sasha feeling confused of why Brando is being so nice with her. She feels that she could have just died with the drugs that Cyrus gave her when she went for the dinner with him. However it was Brando who is playing as a driver of Cyrus helped her to save her life. Sasha may be confused but fans can see the love in brand those eyes for Sasha.


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