General Hospital Spoiler: Things Between Alexis And Sam Get Worst.

General Hospital spoilers tease that Sam Mccall is having some issues with her mom Alexis Davis. Since the time Neil died Alexis David has become an alcohol addict and has not kept the bottle aside ever since then. The general hospital viewers know this thing about Alexis very well. Alexis has been out of control since the time Neil died. she even slept with Ned in her drunk zone. did did a lot of inappropriate things that she shouldn’t have done. Check out everything you need to know about it.



While Alexis is self-destruction more days on ever since Neil died, Sam is trying everything you possibly could to stop her. famous tried talking to her calmly making her understand that everything she is doing at the moment is wrong. But Alexis is in a completely different mood and doesn’t realise anything she’s doing. However poor Alexis is refusing to meet anybody even her grandkids. Alexis has been in pain for a long time now and nothing can stop her from taking alcohol now.

Alexis Get Drunk

There’s a lot Alexis have said on General Hospital lately, specially about the relationship Sam and Jason have. Alexis really disapprove Sam and Jason friendship. And why wouldn’t she? Since Jason has a troubled relationship with everybody at Port Charles. Especially his relationship with Cyrus and Sony which usually gets everybody in trouble.


when the floating rib explosion came to Alexis notice, she knew about the involvement of Danny Morgan and Jason Morgan. And hence she was quick to judge the whole situation. And even made a state comments about it claiming that Jason would be the one who would be involved in the explosion. Because he has been the reason for many deaths. right now Alexis is drunk enough to not react to the situation in the right way. However once she is sober down she’ll be quick to say a lot of things as Jason has been the danger magnet for year’s.

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Anyway, the General Hospital viewers know that Jason Morgan is not the reason behind the explosion. It is Cyrus and Julian who caused the whole situation. The explosion was so bad caused many deaths and even injured Lulu Spencer. but little does Alexis know, and she will definitely grab the situation to hunt down on Jason. She will use this opportunity to make sure Sam and Jason are not together anymore.

Will Sam Listen To Alexis

Alexis always had a problem with Jason and General Hospital viewers know why. So she’ll try everything she possibly can to make sure Sam stays away from Jason. But the question is will Sam listen to Alexis. Since Sam has done everything he could to reach up to Alexis and sober her down. But Alexis never listens to him and now she is behind his relationship with Jason.


General Hospital viewers are resuming that Sam wouldn’t listen to Alexis and will be friends with Jason Morgan no matter what. But in the coming episodes things will be clear for the viewers.


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