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General Hospital Spoilers: Curtis Follows The Lead. Laura Is In Trouble Again.

General Hospital Spoilers teases that Curtis has yet another battle to go through. Since he discovered that Laura Collins is holding him back. As for the viewers of General Hospital, Jordan and Curtis went chasing leads in Astoria, Oregon. There’s happened a special case where Curtis found out that there was a House on Wilson Street where Cyrus was protecting someone very special to him. Question every member and even the viewers want to know is who was that special person. Who is Cyrus trying to protect? Check out everything you need to know about it.


The house at Wilson street is owned by someone very close to Cyrus, but nobody knows who it is. However, whoever the person is, it needs special care. We can claim this, since outside the house there where special pills. Moreover, there were oxygen tanks, medicines, and many other pieces of evidence that proved that someone was sick and needed special care.

Laura Collins Follows The Lead

What’s more shocking is the fact that Laura Collins showed there too, unexpectedly this time. Viewers were stunned with how she showed up so unexpectedly. Later Jordan gets involved as he tries to get the file thy Cyrus requested her to get. For reference, it was a case of Laura Collins that she committed as a stranger. Laura, as usual, was close to getting into trouble. However, this time she called Scott Baldwin to come and help her.

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General Hospital Spoiler teases that, Curtis does more digging about the case and followed another lead to it. However, what’s ironic, is that another lead who he was following took him to Port Charles itself. however, it is the Port Charles of 1970. however later Curtis found out that Laura has been hiding something from them. We know for a fact that Kurtis is the last person to judge someone on the basis of their past. But this time it seems fishy. But Curtis will offer to help let she would Laura will do.

The Case

What is the most precious thing about it now is the fact that Curtis is very curious to buy Cyrus want to open up a case that was closed years back. However, Laura won’t be caught now for doing something that she did years back especially trying to commit suicide. for what viewers are speculating Cyrus is doing all this just to get Laura out of the mayorβ€˜s house.


Laura really doesn’t talk too much but she agrees with everything Cyrus says. Kurtis doesn’t want to trouble anybody after what happened to her daughter Lulu Spencer. but the viewers and she herself knows that her responsibility as a mayor won’t stop just because of a family crisis.


Other than that after the floating ribs incident caused by Cyrus, Laura was going to hold a press conference in the state. However, Cyrus doesn’t want this to happen since he is only the reason behind the explosion and the deaths. And his only aim was to kill people especially Lulu Spencer.


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