General Hospital Spoilers: Cyrus’s Mystery Women Is His Sister Cassandra Pierce.

What is happening, you guys? Cyrus Renault and Cassandra Pierce are siblings? General Hospital Spoilers teases that Cyrus and Cassandra can be brother and sister. And this could be the answer to all the questions they have been asking. recently Cyrus was caught helping mysterious woman who was given special care. People were curious about who that woman was. however now people are claiming that Cyrus and Peirce are brother and sister. check out everything you need to know about it.


The general hospital spoiler stories have speculated a lot of different things that normal viewers won’t get. Earlier a general hospital spoilers be informed our viewers that Cyrus has been meeting a mysterious woman several times a week. The fellow members like Laura but even following him to the lead just to find out who that woman was. Most of the people are behind this woman because Cyrus is related to her.


Cyrus has messed up several peopleβ€˜s life firstly by the floating ribs explosion and then by his drug business. People have died due to him. Now knowing that he cares about this for many people are behind both Cyrus and that women to take their revenge. Cyrus has been taking special care of the mysterious woman and this news have come to the notice since it is seen that several special pills oxygen masks and other medical equipments were outside the house where they were staying.


Cyrus’s Mystery Women

The port Charles police Commissioner Jordan claims that the mysterious woman is around 40 something-year-old. The situation might be interrelated however it is claimed that the two are siblings. The only person Cyrus cared about who was his guest recently is dead now. So the only connection that makes sense is Cassandra Pierce.

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Recently a letter of care was discovered near the house the mysterious woman is staying. And in the letter, it was written β€˜Love Cyrus’. From this, we can expect the women to either be a girlfriend or wife or sister. But the best possibility is that the letter is from a brother to a sister. The most common feature between the two is that the two have white hair. And not just that they have many similar features that talks a lot about their resemblance. Especially The similar drug business that both of them Do talks a lot about the situation.


However there is no surety about the two being siblings. They could even be friends or something. With the best possible answer that we could give the viewers is that the two are Brother and sister. But it comes to a shock to the viewers that Cassandra and Cyrus are brothers and sisters.


Recently, Cassandra Pierce was presumed dead by Valentin Cassadine. Valentine dated Pierce in past, but recently the two had a bad connection which leads to this situation. However, Cyrus didn’t know anything about it since he was in the prison then. But he is probably going to be very mad after knowing the whole situation.

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