General Hospital Spoilers: Fate Will Once Again Bring Sasha And Cyrus Together?

General Hospital spoilers tease that there are two new people in Port child’s bad know exactly what happened with Sasha Gilmore. Sasha Gilmour recently suffered from a drug overdose and had a heart attack because of Cyrus Renaults. No something The viewers are very curious about who are the two people who knew about the scenario this whole time. Check out everything you need to know about it.


Cyrus and Sasha met for the dinner where is Cyrus remove tons and tons of drugs which provoked Sasha to take them. however little did she know that this job might take her life away. Brando was involved with Cyrus this whole time as he did exactly as he was told to by Cyrus. later Cyrus made a point that he is not willing to save Sashaβ€˜s life.


however, Cyrusβ€˜s plan didn’t work As Sasha survived and she knows the truth about Cyrus. Sasha finally knows that Cyrus is a drug dealer and he is the one who gave her the overdose and wanted her dead. but the worst thing about it is that even after Sasha knows the entire truth she cannot downplay him as he is very powerful. This truth is known by everybody especially after the explosion of floating rib. however, Sasha is going to remember this and will take a revenge on the right time.

Sasha Will Work With Cyrus?

Sasha I can probably get an opportunity in Cyrus’s business. Right now Cyrus needs someone to handle his business and Sasha Gilmore could be the perfect one to do so. since nobody will ever understand or realise that Sasha is behind $1 million drug business. The question every viewer has right now is that will Sasha downplay him and use this opportunity to take revenge against him. since Cyrus wanted her dead.

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However, Sasha has a lot of mission to accomplish at the moment. One of the biggest one after Cyrusβ€˜s drug plan being spying on Brando. for those of you who don’t know Brando is number one Man of Cyrus and since he is related to Sonny, Cyrus tries to be loyal to her.


But with what people are saying they are resuming that Cyrus would demand Sasha to take hold and report him along with Brando. Which makes us believe that both Brando and Sasha will be paired together. Cyrus always uses Sasha she’s the only one who doesn’t show red flags to him. But afterward Cyrus has done by trying to kill Sasha with drug overdose things can possibly change.


Cyrus not necessarily has the idea of Sasha knowing his truth and that’s the reason, he uses Sasha Gilmore for her work. But now the tables have turned. Sasha will be paired up with one of Cyrus’s top guy to handle his drug business. But the question is, will she downplay him or will she do everything he asks for.


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