General Hospital Spoilers: Jerome Fake Death And Risks Sister Ava’s Life.

There’s a lot of drama and scandal happening in the general hospital spoilers. We recently saw Julian Jerome going in its way over his head and creating all this unnecessary chaos with Port Charles. However, what’s more, exciting about it is that Nicolas Cassadine has offered Julian a way out of the hospital after all that happened. However, can’t are confused whether Ava will allow him to take the offer. Check out everything you need to know about it.


The general hospital had a very shocking incident where Julian was offered to kill Jason Morgan by Cyrus. These things came to a shock to the fans as to why Cyrus wanted Jason to be killed by Julian. According to the reports, this can be a reason why Julian could get away out of this show. However, Jason has a son named Danny Morgan.

Julian Tries To Kill Jason

what happens after is a shock to everybody. Julian sets a bomb in the building to kill Jason Morgan but Little did he know that Jason son is in the building sets up the bomb. however, as the information of the whole incident comes out Julian for sure knew that Jason will go back to the building to save his son. So he found out another way to get his enemies into the trouble. The whole situation created chaos as many people’s life was in danger. And it didn’t look like the one who created it cared about it as much.

Julian Puts Ava In Trouble

Once everybody knew about the situation Nik understood that Julian is putting everybody’s life in trouble specially the ones who are close to him. He was scared because this long list might include his wife Ava and their daughter Avery. however Julian sister Eva tried everything to help his brother out. He even asked Nick to help Julien out so that he could not get into the trouble.

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However, Β both Brad and Cyrus knew everything Julian did. By putting everybody’s life at risk. after the whole chaos one thing that Pratt realised was that the only person who wanted him eliminated was Julian. So he revealed a Julian as much as he could by exposing his relationship with baby switch.


Now that Julian is in trouble since everybody knows about his ill actions. now the only relation he has in Fort Charles is with her sister Ava. And the only way he can maintain is through Nik. As per the reports, Β we believe that Julian might contact Nik. As he has placed the bomb in the building without Ava as knowledge about it. Julian knows that he wants to protect Ava but you can’t stop getting into the trouble by putting everybody’s life at risk. however Julian then tries to clear all the mess he created and runs to save his sisterβ€˜s life. But there is no surety about her sisterβ€˜s life as it is at risk because Juliet because of Julian itself.


Will Julian ever be able to meet his sister? do you think Ava will be saved? Stay tuned with us for more such details about your favourite show and celebrity.


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