General Hospital Spoilers: Julian Jeromy To Quit Port Charles. Sister Ava Devastated.


This news will shock the General Hospital Spoiler viewers. According to the reports Julian Jerome, Β it’s going to leave Port Charles soon for good this time. Fans in years are perplexed as to why Julian Jerome wants to leave after working for several years. Juliana is struggling to survive in the port charges for a while now. Cyrus and Sony have a motive to kill Julian, so it is the best decision for him to leave. Check out everything you need to know about it.


In the past few years of General Hospital, Julian has done a lot of things that risked peoples live. Innocent people have even died. He is also responsible for threatening his sisters and close one’s life. However, it seems like Nik could offer him to help. Nik could help him get out of the town and live with a new identity. But he has no idea that Julian is responsible for putting the bomb in the building where his sister and wife were there.

Julian Will Leave Port Charles

One thing fans are very concerned about at the moment is Ava Jerome. Julian was the one person ever could always count on, and she is likely to be very diverse stated that the news that Jerome is going to leave. Julian has messed up everybody’s life pretty much every time. So it would be better for the fellow members only.



Ava has recently been very close to Trina. However, Julian, on the other hand, has put Tinaβ€˜s life in danger once again. Julian has informed Cyrus that Marcus is a life which will therefore lead to Trinaβ€˜s life in danger. And if ever got to know about all this she is likely to be furious with her brother. So it’s better forever and everybody if Julian leaves this time for the good. However, ever will be devastated anyways since Julian is her brother and he was always someone she counted on.


Talking about Ava and Nick both have realised that they genuinely have feelings for each other. Nik has done everything he possibly could for Ava and her brother Julian. And he did it out of the feelings he has for Ava. Make even protected Julian by keeping his secret far away from the way of Cyrus and Sonny. And he did all because he was concerned for Ava.

Nik And Ava

However, Β later both ever and Nik finally accepts the love for each other. Never understands that Nick could only provide him with the unconditional love that she asks for. Viewers enjoy their chemistry more than anything at the moment in β€˜general hospital’. However, Julianβ€˜s case is causing big chaos in their life. But the fact that Julian will be leaving the Port Charles is terrible news for the GH viewers.

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Moreover, Ava is yet to find about it, and we can expect her reaction to being terrible after knowing that one person she was counting on is going to leave soon. However, we can expect Nick and Ava to get closer than ever while trying to tackle the situation.


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