General Hospital Spoilers: Kevins Collins Reveals Secrets To Laura Collins!

General Hospital spoilers tease that Port Charles Kevin is going to share the bad news that is going to shock the viewers as well as the fellow members. Kevin Collins, lousy information will be communicated to Laura Collins. Fans are waiting for Laura to respond to the bad news in the next episode of General Hospital. Check out everything you need to know about it.


Laura recently had a big scare after she found out that her daughter Lulu Spencer is in the building that was about to collapse. It was one of the most significant care of Lauraβ€˜s life as she rushed in into the building to save her daughter. However, everybody stops Laura from panicking, and on the other side, Dante was the one who tried saving Luluβ€˜s life. But later the ante was able to get her out of the building and save her life which was the best thing about that episode.


The Secrets That Kevin Revealed

Later Laura went to check up on her boyfriend Dustin Phillips since he has been in some trouble lately. Even Dante joint Laura to check on Dustin. as soon as Dante goes in the room to check on Dustin, he comes across something very unusual. He then comes out of the place to share the bad news with Laura. Dante started by saying that Dustin wanted him to take care of Lulu. Dustin even gave a ring to Dante to provide it with to Laura which he was planning to give it himself but he couldn’t you to the explosion that day.



Know the answer everybody is waiting for is will Laura be okay about the whole situation. Will she ever be able to love somebody else or will she stick on destiny even after the entire scenario? However, Β Laura Laura is devastated with the news, and she feels like Dustin wants to call off their relationship.


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The bad news is that Kevin Collins is it going to give Laura Collins is that one of their closest friends is badly injured. Franco Bell twin is seriously wounded with having a significant injury on his head apart from the fact that he is already suffering from a brain tumour. This situation has gotten worse for Laura after Lulu being in the hospital as well and whole life being in risk to and now one of the friends being injured.

Laura’s Traumas

Laura has to deal with a lot lately from herself to even Dante Lulu and now Franco. However, they have helped Franco reach to the best doctor and have his surgery. After the surgery took place the doctor clean that he’ll be fine soon which is a relief. that that is not all the general hospital has a lot going on at the moment from Julian trying to leave Fort Charles and ever being devastated. Ava and Nick being in love and now Laura suffering so much. US are very excited to watch all the episodes I am looking forward to more drama and scandals.


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