General Hospital Spoilers: Laura And Dante Fight Over Lulu’s Care.

Talking about chaos and here we are with the general hospital spoilers characters who have pretty much messed up this week. Laura Collins and Dante Falconeri Have had a difference in opinion about Lulu Spencer which led to a big chaos. Fans aren’t surprised much because this was kind of expected between Laura and Dante. however what happened after that was quite a story. Check out everything you need to know about it



In Monday’s preview we saw that Dante and Laura are having an argument about Luluβ€˜s prognosis. Things are not going well for Lulu. as the viewers of General Hospital recall that recently Lulu first witnessed a bad accident that injured her a lot. Lulu was very seriously injured in the bomb blast that destroyed the floating rip. however, what made things even worse was the fact was that Dante kept urging Lulu to get checked out. But Lulu didn’t stop downplaying it and insisted Dante that she’s doing fine except for the headache. She even asked Dante not to force her to go to the hospital for the check-up.

The Disagreement

A lot happened at that moment Lulu was trying to tell Dante that she still love him unconditionally. However she couldn’t tell him since she suddenly passed out. Which made things even worse. However, Dante did everything I possibly could he carried her to the hospital and cried for help.


Later Lulu and auntie got to know that Lulu has suffered from a major brain injury and her brain muscles are swollen at the moment. The doctor had to remove hub upper part of the brain to put pressure of the areas that was willing to cool it down. You are Sir just hoping for Lulu to get well soon.

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Long time general hospitals viewer might know this Laura has been in the coma as well but she was not there for the brain injury. She was in a coma for a stressed traumatic disorder which she was facing for several months. her disorder made her this is associated with the surrounding and even her close ones. It took a really long time for her to recover but however, Β she came back stronger.

Laura and Dante

however later the fight between Laura and Dante created a big chaos. There was a disagreement between the two but the question is what was the disagreement about? Was it related to Lulu? Yes, you are right it was related to Lulu. They may be talking about removing life support versus keeping Lulu on life support.Β things got worse as Lara and Dante wanted different things for Lulu. however, fans are enjoying every bit of it.



but this time Luluβ€˜s case was completely different. Even though Dante wanted the best for her and wanted her to get well soon. He was being more realistic in the situation then Laura. and hence viewers could relate with Dante more at the moment and wanted his option to be considered by Laura. However whatever Laura and auntie decide together for sure it will be best for Lulu.


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