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General Hospital Spoilers: Led Cheats On Olivia. Robert comforts Her?

General Hospital spoilers finally revealed that in Port Charles, Ned Quartermaine is hiding a big secret behind his innocent face. And the secret is really ugly that gets to everybody’s nerves. Ned slept with Alexis While Olivia was not in the town. Viewers are very furious with the act of Ned. however, Monica knows about the truth in might even tell Olivia. Check out everything you need to know about it.


Monica is really out of her mind after she got two new about Ned’s action. And she will likely tell Olivia about all his ill actions. However, her friend is in town and she might send about the situation to her in the first place. And take suggestion about what exactly needs to be done. Olivia might even over here the little secret that his partner is hiding. Another question is what Olivia will do how will she react. Will, she just leave him?

Led Cheats On Alexis

However, viewers will see a conversation between Ned and Monica. Where Monica convince Nd to come out clean and accept what he has done. Alexis tries to do the same. But Ned is very scared to ruin his happily married life. In Quartermaine house, children often overhear the conversation and secrets and reveal them in front of everyone.

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In the general hospital, Olivia has a young son who lives with him plus she also has a grandson who is currently living at her house. and there are many more children who live in their house which creates a big risk for everybody secret to being out. any children can overhear the conversation accidentally and then the secret will know you will be a secret and the whole city will know about it.


Moreover, even Robert Scorpio knows about the little secret of Alexia and Ned. and Robert has several time threatened Ned to expose him in front of Olivia. Viewers can expect Robert to expose Ned soon. But why if Olivia gets to know about it before only?

Robert And Olivia Can Be A Thing?

but the unusual thing here is the fact that Robert cares a lot about Olivia. And it is quite uncertain that he will try to do anything to hurt her. So possibly he would not expose Ned. but it is not hard for Olivia to find out the whole secret. As a lot of people close to her knows about it and therefore she can get to know about it as well.


General Hospital Olivia it’s going to be very furious about the situation no matter how she finds out. A lot of people has been lying to her recently. she’s going to feel betrayed not just by her husband but everyone close to her since many know about the situation. And she has witnessed betrayal and lie a lot in her life lately.


But what is unexpected yet curious for the fans is that in this situation Robert might help his friend Olivia. And we might get closer than ever and romance between them is possible. Viewers are very excited to see their chemistry.


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