General Hospital Spoilers: Maxie Looks Out Mac, Will Peter Take Over?

The General Hospital spoilers tease that Maxie Jones goes out looking for Max Scorpio to see if he’s doing fine. She decides to go look for him after she heard about the incident of the explosion of the restaurant floating rib. Max’s mother Felicia was in the same building during the explosion. Then the worst thing about it is that maxes father could have been in the same building during the explosion. Both Max’s mother and father could have died due to the explosion. Check out everything you need to know about it now.


Maxie knew that her mother and father would not work at the floating rib Because of Peter and The dinner she planned with him. A lot happened at the dinner table which made Maxie concerned. At first, Peter was taking out a lot of frustration for some people. specially on the punching bag at the volcano gym. The whole conversation made Maxie realise that Peter is up to something. She was very concerned but wasn’t sure what to do about it.


He even talked about the publisher who publishes news in Port Charles. It made Maxi very concerned about what Peter is going to do. However both Maxie and Peter disliked Cyrus in the first place. and hence we kept the conversation going. but she was concerned about Mac and her parents since the explosion of floating rib.

Maxie Looks Out For Mac

but the worst thing about it is that both Peter and Maxi have a lot to worry about. and not just about Mac. I am Peter me show up at the same place as Maxie to find Max as well for finding Lulu Spencer. for now every indication proves that Mac is going to look for max at all the places possible. and possibly Peter could be the one telling maxi everything that happened so far. however there is no guarantee that he’ll go over at maxes place but for sure he’ll be finding ways to reach up to her.


On the other side, she is way too concerned for Max as she almost lost both his parents especially her mother after the incident that happened. we can expect a close connection between maxi and Mac after what happened. Maxi might even give him a crying shoulder to lay on. moreover we can even see the involvement of Peter as hi and maxi both have common enemies.

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In the next few episodes, maxi will find out that Mac was not in the building that exploded, the floating ribs. and we can even see a heartfelt conversation between Mac and Maxie. but finally, maxi will be relieved after making sure that Mac is alright. However, on the other side, she will be extremely sad to hear about Lulu Spencer’s injury.


But the viewers and the fellow members hope for her to get well fine soon and everyone who lost their lives and got injured in the incident.

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