General Hospital Spoilers: Nik Helps Julian Disappear With Ava’s Knowledge.

In the last few episodes of a general hospital, it seems like Julian Jeromy has got everybody crazy. Julian has burned all the bridges with his sister Ava, without he put a bomb in the building she was staying in without her knowledge. However, he was trying to get someone else killed but he’s action just risked everybody’s life. however, the most interesting part here is that both Cyrus and Sonny searching for him. Check out everything you know need to know about it.


Since the time Julian has been in trouble both Eva and his husband Nik was trying to help him get out of it. however a wise completely tired of her brother Julian since he has tried to mess up her life several times. Not just that, he has even tried to mess up her marriage life. Julian is one bad of a person he has tried to create chaos in everybody’s life specially his close ones. He has killed many innocent people and is at the verge of losing contact with her daughter.

Nik Helps Julian Disappear

we recently witness that Lulu is in coma and she may even die and all the blames are going to Julian this time is well. And if you think that is all then you are wrong really and has even been involved in Sonny’s life. Julian has once kidnapped her grandchild. Which created a hell lot of chaos. However, Julian manages to get away with it every time. And that is what annoys everyone the most.

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however, the most shocking thing about it is that Nik is trying to help Julian after he tried to kill his Half-sister and now is behind her wife Ava. it seems like he’s just trying to save Ava from everything. Nik has offered to help him however he doesn’t know that he’s on the island and is behind some kind of explosion.

Ava And Julian

However Nik doesn’t want Ava to know about it. The fact that he has helped Julian. So both Nik and Julian will decide not to tell out it to her. However, these few things are confusing the audience. Some fans are not able to understand why Naik is trying to hide things from ever and is helping her brother.


Nik is giving Ava less knowledge so that there’s less for her to cover up in front of Sonny. Since Ava is trying to give his brothers I’ll actions. And hence, Nik is trying to make everything easy for Ava by helping Julian and not telling Ava. in the nick tries to help Julian disappear from the whole situation for a while.


now the only question that is popping up in every viewers mind is that will Julian be able to disappear? Or he’ll be found in the midway by one of his enemies. And will ever know about how her brother Julian got disappeared?


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