General Hospital Spoilers: Nina Reeves Long Time Missing Daughter Nelle Died?

General Hospital Spoilers teasers that Nina Reeves finally have answers for all the questions she has been asking for years about her long-time missing daughter. Nina gave birth to a baby long time back which was given to a baby in Florida. However recently should got to know a lot about the baby and she regrets the decision of giving her away. What will Nina even to now will she find a long time missing daughter or will she let her go. Check out everything you need to know about it.


General Hospital viewers recently discovered along with Nina, that the baby she gave birth was a healthy child and not ill. And she gave her away to a family in Florida. This discovery of hers broke her heart and shocked her to another level. But what Nina doesn’t know is that Carly found out a heart shaped pendant which was worn by Nelle. Which means Nelle is the daughter Nina has been searching for years. Β Now the question is will Carly help Nina find her baby.

Nina’s Questions About Her Daughter

But there is another twist to it which will shock everyone including Nina. Her daughter recently died after falling from the cliff. However, Carly found out the half heart pendant after Nelle died. Carly Heard from Nina that her daughter has the other heart of the pendant similar to the one she is wearing. And later she finds the Nelle with the same pendant as Nina.

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however, Carly immediately told Jax that she has found Nina’s daughter. But Jax warned Carly not to tell Nina as she couldn’t know this secret ever. Viewers are assuming that Jax already knew that Ninaβ€˜s daughter is dead and that is the reason he didn’t want Carly to tell it to Nina. As things would get messed up more.


For those of you who don’t know Nina and Sasha grew up together and were pretty much close. However, Valentin time hired Sasha Gilmour to pose for Ninaβ€˜s daughter. Β however the worst thing about it is that she recently discovered that her husband has deceived her about her daughter. Valentine broke up with Nina right before taking the woes and she was already pregnant.


However, the most shocking thing about it is that before Nelle Died, Nina felt a close connection with her. And always tried spending more time with her. But Nelle always wanted revenge against Carly and because of that, she wasn’t as much interested in Nina and her advice.


Later the two even had a lot of clashes. With Nina giving testing against Nelle. And that made her very furious. The worst thing about it is that the two even got enough time to sort out the harsh times. Before that Nelle died from falling off from the cliff. However, Nina paid for Neena’s funeral money and felt guilty for everything she bad that she had with Nelle. Once she finds out that Nelle is her daughter and that Jax is keeping that from Nina, she will just be as furious as hell.


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