General Hospital Spoilers: Peter Hides His Evil Past And Dante Gets Involved


General Hospital spoilers tease that in Port Charles Peter has a week role in taking down Cyrus. In the next two episodes, we can see Peter trying to ruin Lulu Spencerβ€˜s life by trying to expose his drug business and ending his life himself. The anti could be involved in the whole scenario; however, he is trying to get out of it by reaching to Peter or Cyrus first. Check out everything you need to know about it.


Peter was on a Mission for killing people; however, he didn’t want to kill people who he would be blamed for. Even at the time of Drew, he hired people to kill him and manage to get out of it. Made May it is Holly or anybody else Peter managed to kill them all and still not get caught. However, As the viewers of a general hospital or Holly is not yet dead. And in future, he might get back to Peter for some revenge.


The viewers believe that in future, both Holly and Drew will come back alive and catch hold of Peter for his ill actions. And this gang of murders is incomplete without Liel and Cesar. Even after all the effort, Peter takes there’s still Liesl and Ceasar to manage. However, it seems like he will be able to handle the whole situation by working Cyrus first since Cyrus is behind the entire master plan of the explosion of a floating rib.

Peter Takes Over

Hence the first mission of Peter is to manage Cyrus and then get away with other things. As the general hospital viewers might call due to the explosion of floating rain, Lulu Spencer got severely injured. Many people’s life right address; however, Cyrus manage to get the building exploded.


Viewers might even see Peter connecting with Jason Morgan and Sonny to get his work done. However, what we were at the most care of his Dante getting in the sport or Peter for killing everybody. Moreover, Dante is in a horrible place himself, since he has been fighting a battle not to return home after some issues with his dad. But Little does Peter know, and he is trying to involve Dante.

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However, Fans are assuming that Lulu spencers injury will give Dante a purpose to fight against Peter and Anna. But might not do so, since he has different things going on in his own life. And he is struggling to deal with them as well. On the other hand, Peter is trying to do something extraordinary to hide his remarkable evil past.


Peter has killed several innocent people and has pretty much done worst yo their families as well. However, he hopes that his closed and loved ones never know about his evil past. Else he could lose everyone he counts on. What do you think of Peter’s master plan and Dante getting involved?


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