General Hospital Spoilers: Sasha Almost Dies Due To Drug Overdose

In general hospital spoilers, it was revealed that it put Charles Sasha almost died due to a drug overdose given by Cyrus. Cyrus aim was to kill Sasha. Sasha has always been a non-problematic adult. However, she gets into trouble every time she tries not to. But what happens this time was the worst she overdosed by drugs. And she could have died with overdose. Check out everything you need to know about it.


Cyrus recently started running the drugs business, and since then, a lot of people have been trapped in his place. His drug business took a significant hype for a few months in Port Charles. Britt Westbourne has been a close connection to him since the drug business started. And he witnessed several drugs cases ever since then. Some have even not survived. Sasha has been fortunate to survive this battle.

Sasha In Trouble

Sasha might not have realised, but she came close to death, but luckily her life got saved for the best. Sasha chooses to do drugs when it was offered to her. Ironically, she didn’t want to have it, yet it is her copy mechanism for a long time. However, everyone knows that Sasha is a kind soul, and she doesn’t want anyone else to suffer in her place. And hence she did everything she possibly could to save others from falling off the same bridge as she did.

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General Hospital confirms that Cyrus is behind the whole drugs business, and it has affected several lives. People might not know about this, but he’s the one who is beyond Jordan near-death situation. on the other hand, Cyrus is trying to play the game by continually reminding Jordan that her son is working in the hospital. But is it? He is suffering from his first life after the drug overdose that he has turned into Cyrus gameplan.

Jordan’s Connection

On the other hand, Jordan is working with Robinson to bring Cyrus his whole business down and expose him in front of everybody. Jordan knows a lot of secrets that others might not know, and that is power. He knows the fact that Marcus is still alive, whereas no one else knows about it. Bowers of GH are hoping Jordan to help Sasha to bring Cyrus down. But will he help her do that, or this time also the game plan will be incomplete?


Sasha’s life has been in danger not once but twice. And this has not only affected her but all her closed ones. And the only reason is Cyrus. He has not only killed people with his drugs business but also in various ways. One of them is trying to explore the floating rib. That almost killed Lulu Spencer and many others. The situation at the General Hospital has been worst. And everyone is just trying to bring down the root cause of it, Cyrus.

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