General Hospital Spoilers: The Connection Between Martin And Cyrus.


General Hospital Spoilers teases that in sports Charles there’s some kind of special connection between Cyrus Renault and Martin Grey. But fans are confused about what this relationship could be. However, the connection is revealed in the recent General Hospital episodes. Check out all the details about it now.


There’s no doubt in the fact that Cyrus and Martin know each other from a while. It was recently revealed on General Hospital said the two men going to other pretty nicely. however neither of them have ever talked about each other in the recent episodes. Cyrus was always stinging ever since Laura Collins came into picture. that was the time when Cyrus and Martin met. Cyrus didn’t like Martin’s involvement but he was helpless.

The Connection Between Martin And Cyrus

Where argument happened between the two days that episode when Martin asked him if he ever waits for the person to be asked. However, Martin also overheard Laura Collins shouting on Cyrus for some reason. Martin was very confused at the moment. But he managed to think that Cyrus would be the one who caused some kind of trouble and that is the reason he’s getting the shouting.


The two have been dealing long ago in the past. And that indicates there a long time relationship from the past. But the question arises from whether to know each other exactly. It is however possible that Martin might have represented Cyrus in some case. They might know each other from business, but that’s not the only place from where the two know each other. Kurtis and Jordan we are going back to their place in the player that’s fair we realise some medical connection I had to go to the hospital to the patient.

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Big chaos happened as everyone got confused with the patient. And that’s when the viewers of General Hospital got to know that Cyrus has been protecting a patient β€˜Grey’. according to the reports the patient who is not revealing your real name and was undercover for someone else. That’s when Martin and Cyrus got involved this evening time.

Cassandra Is Involved?

The General Hospital viewers claim that the patient was Cassandra pierce, who Cyrus was trying to protect. In the last few articles, we mention can Cassandra could be Cyrus’s long term sister. Since he has been secretly meeting with a cloud women who he is taking care of.


And the woman was allegedly claimed to be Cassandra Pierce. And this is when the connection between Cyrus and Marcus is revealed. Marcus once dated and even married Cassandra and Cyrus is her brother in law. And that is the connection between Marcus and Cyrus. The revelation was shocking to some and expected to others. So what is the connection? Who is the patient? Is it Martin’s wife and Cyrus’ sister and is it Cassandra or someone else?

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