General Hospital Spoilers: Who Will Marcus Taggart Hook Up With? Portia, Jordan Or Epiphany?

General Hospital spoilers tease that There’s something up with Marcus Taggart once again. It seems like you can’t be dead for ever. but who will Marcus be once he comes back. The viewers of General Hospital claim that he’ll need a strong intelligent and sexy woman by his side once he comes back. However Marcus have had good chemistry with quite a few women. But the question who the women are? check out everything you need to know about it.

Marcus And Portia Robinson

When we talk about Marcus with woman how can we not talk about Portia Robinson. The two have had good chemistry in the past so viewers can expect the two of them together again. it’s not just that once upon a time they had a relationship which even gave them a daughter named as Trina Robinson. Both of them love Trina a lot and she could be the reason for the ex-couple to be together.


However, this could not necessarily be possible since Portia once cheated on markers with Curtis. And she even has feelings for Curtis. He is the reason for Marcus and Portia is separation. General Hospital viewers even believe that Curti is her baby daddy. But could any day Trina be the reason for them to get together? Let’s see what the other episodes of General Hospital have to serve us.

Marcus And Jordan

There is no doubt in the fact that Marcus could get back together with ex-work partner Jordan. Dave Marcus looks at Jordan is an answer to all your questions. They could possibly be a couple once Marcus comes back. There is an undeniable spark between the two which the general hospital viewers always saw. But what Jordan has to say about it does she feel the same about Marcus.

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However, like every time we are back at Curtis. Since he can be one of the obstacles in the way of Jordan and Marcus. Jordan is married to Curtis but they don’t have the spark that Marcus and Jordan have. However, Curtis won’t accept the two of them together any day. since he has denied any feelings for Portia and claims her to be his past. So let’s see what Marcus and Jordan have to do together in the future.


Marcus And Epiphany Johnson

Epiphany Johnson, The single lady could be ready to get mingled with Marcus. Johnson is everything a man needs made the smart beautiful intelligent or anything else. General Hospital yours are badly shipping them together and believe that the two will perfectly be fine for one another. Johnson has been single for a while now so has Marcus. we have already seen that to interact with one another and they look adorable together.


Made to be Portia or Jordan or Johnson anyone Marcus will for sure be related to one of them. We can expect to see a cute couple in general hospital porch as soon. But who are you shipping?


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