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George Floyd: A Movement From George Floyd to Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter Protest
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The names of George Floyd, Rosa Parks and Emmett Till have found a place in the history books. They are the face that fueled a movement.

A movement of protest against violence and injustice against the black people which has been rampant. The campaign has generated activities and dialogues across the globe. It speaks fiercely how it feels to live in an unjust and racist society. The outcry and protests were not local this time. It reached places.

George Floyd’s murder in Minneapolis was the present killing added in the list of Black Americans died at the hands of the police brutality. The murder of Floyd caused anger which ignited a wave of national and global protest. The world demanded justice against the ongoing injustice towards black people.

George Floyd
George Floyd

The changes in symbols of racism in the form of flags, statues and hope of real reform. The overdue suppression and discrimination to stop for good now. The protests started online and broadened from a specific cause to a general cause of the people. The movement was not confined to Minneapolis; it spread to other U.S. cities. It ultimately spread like wildfire to other nations; A movement started on Twitter took no time to reach the corners of the world.

Large numbers of groups, organisations and communities expressed their outrage. People started speaking in public places and vowing to eliminate social and racial injustice, The unemployment rate fell for White Americans, and the opposite happened with the Black Americans.

According to reports, the black Americans were earning less. The Kaiser Family Foundation reported that black Americans lacked health care coverage. The outpouring movement is essential, and there is a need for a community which ensures a reform in Black and Brown communities.

The need of the hour is a reform for the Black communities.

The Presidential candidates should look for a country with reforms for all the section of the community. A commitment to building a safer and healthier place for black people needs the hour. The speeches and declarations will be successful if a policy is created for the overall well being of the Black Americans.

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