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George Floyd Death Case: Accused Police Officer Knits A New Story Of Drug Overdose Death As George Floyd Death Case Picks Up Heat !

George Floyd
Source: The New Yorker

Charged Police Officer Argues George Floyd Died Of Drug Overdose

George Floyd is a name that has gone down in the history books of the US as someone who has opened the eyes of many people. The name has the potential to ruin the election of Donald Trump and take many police officers to jail. However, his name and glory come at the cost of his life. One of the police officers charged for his death has a counter-argument regarding his death. The officer claims that George died not because of the pressure from the knee on his neck, but due to drug overdose.

Defense Argues Derek Chauvin Acted Out Of Training On Applying Knee On The Neck

Defense lawyer Nelson also gave an explanation for why Derek applied his knee on the neck of George. As per Nelson, it was the Minneapolis Police Department training of Maximal Restraint Technique that made him do this. As per the books, Maximal Restraint Technique shall only be used in situations where handcuffed subjects are combative and still pose a threat to themselves, officers or others, or could cause significant damage to property if not properly restrained.”

Prosecutors Have A Reply For Maximal Restraint Technique Of Derek Chauvin

Prosecutors feel George never retaliated or did anything to give a feeling that he will harm himself or someone else. The prosecutors said, β€œMr. Floyd was treated with particular cruelty. Despite Mr. Floyd’s pleas that he could not breathe and was going to die, as well as the pleas of eyewitnesses to get off Mr. Floyd and help him, Defendant and his co-defendants continued to restrain Mr. Floyd.” The state of Minneapolis has been witnessing a lot of protests after the death of George Floyd. People are calling it the worst case of racism prevailing in the US.

Source: Al Jazeera

George Floyd Paves Way For Black Lives Matter Protest

George Floyd would feel proud that his life is not going down as a waste people are coming out in large numbers to eradicate racism to some extent. It has brought considerable change with everyone from commoners to celebrities is extending their support on the matter.

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