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George Floyd Death: New Impose For All Dismiss Officers!

Protesting In America
Floyd, in Manhattan, New York, U.S., May 31, 2020. REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz

George Floyd Death

As we all know, the racist movements regarding the death of George Floyd in the United States, many people from America are coming out and saying their sadness on the death of the black person. But, the government of America is not allowing people to come out, due to the ongoing issues of coronavirus pandemic. So, recently, new charges for all the four sacked officers have implemented.

George Floyd death: New charges for all four sacked officers – BBC News

Thus, all the police officers present at the incident of African American George Floud in Minneapolis were with some new charges. So, the one police officer who brutely murdered George Floyd is already elevated to second-degree murder, as per the court documents. Also, the other three officers were lead some counts for aiding and abetting to murder.

George Floyd
Source NY Times Post

New Charge Updates

However, the death of Floyd has made people protest by coming on roads, even knowing regarding the issues of coronavirus pandemic. Unforutuanlty, in the United States, many people were died by the ongoing pandemic. Thus, people were protesting against racism and the police killings of black Americans. Also, some movements of people in the United States were peaceful. But, some people created violence regarding the death of the Black person.

So, the government has implemented a curfew in many cities in America. Thus, as per the death of George, Minnesota’s Attorney General Keith Ellison said that they are trying the interests of justice.Β  However, Derek Chauvin, who killed the Afro American person, was charged, which will stay in the charge sheet.

Protesting In America
Source The Indian Express

Other Details

Although, the other three officers who were present at the murder, will be prone to the third-degree murders. Also, the officers were the reasons for filing the second-degree manslaughter, as they were present at the incident. Recently, Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar as left her comments through her official Twitter account. So, she posted regarding the latest charges that “another important step for justice”.

Also, she wrote regarding the charges that were increasing on Derek Chauvin to the second-degree. So, she feels that this will be an important step of justice for the death of George Floyd.


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