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George Floyd’s Death Protest Joined BY Machine Gun Kelly In USA

Source: CNN

George Floyd’s Death Protest Joined BY Machine Gun Kelly In USA

George Floyd’s Death Protest Joined BY Machine Gun Kelly In USA Its been a difficult and angry night in cities across America with defiant protests. Cars overturned, arson, and clashes with the police have been going on in several cities. All this in the wake of the death of George FloydΒ that took place last Monday (25/5/2020). George Floyd, an African-American man, died in Powderhorn, a neighborhood south of downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota.

George Floyd
Source: The New York Times

The cellphone video about George Floyd detained by the police shocked the nation. On Monday (25/5/2020), George Floyd was taken into custody by 4 Minneapolis police officers accused of trying to pass a $20 counterfeit bill. OfficerΒ Derek ChauvinΒ held him down with a knee in his neck for exactly 8 minutes and 46 seconds. As Floyd struggled to breathe, the officer just kept on pushing more pressure. Eventually, George Floyd succumbed to this act of cruelty.

Since then, protests have been raging across different parts of the USA. The police offer responsible, Derek Chauvin, who has been fired from the force. People from all across the globe have been displaying their support for Floyd through social media. Tech giants such asΒ Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Amazon have openly condemned the death of Floyd. Hollywood celebrities have been pouring in their anger via InstagramΒ posts condemning the cruel death of George Floyd.

Protests Erupt In America
Source: Fox Business

As the protests erupt by the minute, many Hollywood celebrities are physically joining the protests for Floyd’s death in the USA. These include the likes ofΒ Nick Cannon, Halsey, and Kendrick Sampson.Β And as per the latest reports, Hollywood rapperΒ Machine Gun KellyΒ has also joined the protests for Floyd’s death in Los Angeles.

Machine Gun Kelly Joins Protests In L.A.

Machine Gun Kelly joined the protest for Floyd’s death in L.A. USΒ Colson Baker, professionally known as Machine Gun Kelly, joined the Β Black Lives MatterΒ movement and protested held in L.A. He also shared pictures of the protest and his participation on social media. The ‘Bad Things’Β singer turned to Instagram to share his pictures captioned
“Justice Soon.”In the photos, Kelly could be seen holding a placard inscribed with the slogan: “Silence Is Betrayal.”Β 

Machine Gun Kelly
Source: MTV

In addition to Kelly, celebrities such asΒ Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, and othersΒ have expressed their anger on social media. Earlier, Machine Gun Kelly took to Twitter and tweeted the following:

“I’m ashamed that someone who looks like me could treat another human being like this. However, they’ve been doing this since the beginning of our time. Our generation has to be on that stops this; my loyalty is with the people.”


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