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Get Some Space As PS5 Game Sizes Can Blow Your Minds!

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Get Ready To Invest In Large External Hard-Drive

Get Some Space As PS5 Game Sizes Can Blow Your Minds!: 825 GB SSD is the new storage size of the much-awaited PS5. Like every time, we were expecting that this new console generation will have a bigger size and here it is!

Get ready to invest in your larger external hard-drive. Now ponder upon the amount of space required by the PS5 launch lineup or Sony’s adequate lineup of the future PS5.

Some of you might not expect the speed with which this download is going to fill up your drive. To give you a hint of this, look at the digital storefront of Sony. The vast space requirement by two of its launch titles can be massive on your pocket.

What Does The Pre Order Pages Of Some Games Tell?

The pre-order page of Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales shows a disclaimer at the bottom. Β It said that it would occupy at least 105 GB. Demon’s Souls will need at least 66 GB. However, most of the space will be used by DLC.

Not much is confirmed about the PS5 install sizes. But one thing is for sure; these two games will occupy a minimum 20 per cent of your base SSD space. It can be even more as Sony OS will also take some of the areas.

The pre-order page of PS4 Miles Morales shows that its instalment size would be around 52gb. It is a slight notch higher than its next-generation counterpart. Also, it seems like a piece of bad news for those who still use old consolers.

PS5 Owners Should Consider Expanding Their Storage

Let us now talk about the size of PS4 titles when it should be ported to PS5. Playstation Plus owners will have 18 games at the time of launch. By making a calculated prediction, one can say that its size will be the same as PS5. After adding all the predicted storage sizes, it comes roughly around 700gb.

Well, download sizes should be similar because these are just ports, not remakes.

But again, one can’t predict something about a game like Grand Theft Auto 5: Enhanced Edition. Β GTA 5 was 17GB on the PS3 while it was 70GB on the PS4. Now, as modifications are being made, we can only guess.

So, this article stresses on one point, i.e., PS5 owners who like to play a dozen of games, especially the new next-gen should consider expanding their storage.

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