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Ghost Of Tsushima, Helping Your Character Find Shrines-But You Can’t Kill Them. There Is No Hunting System In The Game!

Ghost Of Tsushima
Ghost Of Tsushima

Ghost Of Tsushima: About The Game

Howdy gamers! I bet all of you are having a wonderful time sitting back and enjoying the new releases! Even PS5 is on its way, how do all of you feel about that?Β Ghost Of TsushimaΒ is one of the best history-themed games.

Ghost Of Tsushima
Ghost Of Tsushima

We all must have read about the Mongols and their invasion all over Asia around the 1200s. It wasn’t a very peaceful time, and people were fighting all around. Out of this comes the storyline of this entire game. Based on an island in Japan, Ghost Of Tsushima is a wonderful game.

Are you a big fan of the open-world? Where you can freely roam around and develop some personal likings to it. Then, this is just the perfect game. It was made and developed by Sony forΒ PlayStation 4.

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Ghost Of Tsushima Find The Shrine

I think it’s really important in this game because since it’s original Japanese, shrines are a big part. Shrines are a place where to visit to pray to God or pay respects.

Similarly, in this game, you can visit the shrine to increase the charms you can carry. Some shrines are hard to find but benefit you a lot, while some are popular but aren’t of much help. Your horse, which is your ultimate companion (and some other animals too), leads you to shrines.

Don’t Worry About Your Horse.

Ghost Of Tsushima
Ghost Of Tsushima

If you are really worried about your horse in the gameplay and might be anxious, you will lose it, worry not. The developers officially confirm that since hunting animals is not a thing it the game, it will not die. Moreover, even if it runs off, it will always come right back to you. That’s how the game has made.

Just make sure to ride it properly and use it to your advantage. You can also follow it sometimes; maybe it will lead you to a shrine.

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