Ghost Of Tsushima : Turned Their Attention To Sucker Punch’s !

Ghost Of Tsushima

The trailer of ‘Ghost of Tsushima’ has just come out and the world is going crazy over it. From capturing the magnificent natural beauty of Japan to the character’s fighting style, the game is a definition of perfection. So, all the attention goes to the developer of the game Sucker Punch.


The game is based on the history of the Mongolian invasion of Japan in the year 1274. From the trailer, we can assume that the game will start from the ninth day of the attack. They attacked the Tsushima island in western Japan. So, the island has turned into a graveyard, and the people are crying for help.

Ghost Of Tsushima
The poster of Sucker Punch’s Ghost Of Tsushima.

We see two named characters introduced – Jin, Khotun Khan and also we see distressed local people and the Mongol’s in the trailer. Jin Sakai, the player, the samurai standing will be showcasing his love and responsibility to defend his motherland and drive Mongol’s out. And Khotun Khan is the leader of Mongal.

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Ghost Of Tsushima: Developed features

The game is developed with a clear focus on the details of every aspect of the story. With a dialogue coach and Japanese native speakers, the onscreen text and the Japanese voice-overs are perfected to the 13th-century accent.

The map of the island is also pretty accurate with the geography of original japan. In the case of the combat system, the characters will change there fighting skills accordingly, which is a significant part of being a real samurai. And the top mention, the beauty of Japan – blowing grassland, bamboo forest, dusk fight, blowing leaves it’s all takes us to the time.

Ghost Of Tsushima
A gameplay image of Ghost Of Tsushima with perfect graphics.

From the title and the trailer, we can expect intense combats, impeccable natural visuals and great storyline of sacrifice. It seems like the world is craving an open world Samurai game. So, Sucker Punch is there to fulfil the wish.

Release date: The Ghost of Tsushima will be available on Play Station 4 from 26th June. But because of the Global outbreak of COVID-19, it can also be delayed.

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