Ghostwire: Tokyo, What We Know So Far

E3 Announcement

Shinji Mikami says GhostWire: Tokyo will be an “action-adventure game in which you’ll fight paranormal enemies and rid the city of supernatural evil”. The game was first announced in E3 2019 without any specific release date. Since the game’s creative director, Ikumi Nakamura left a few months after E3, the game the release date will be postponed.

Late 2021 looks like a plausible release date but there is conflict within the masses if the game will even be released. Many people wait for the game, but the longer it gets delayed, the less the anticipation for it.


From people disappearing to creepy spirits, it looks pretty mind-blowing. We also see aΒ  bow-wielding protagonist with magical abilities. What really attracts is the graphics of the trailer.


If we get to play as this character is still not sure since we know very little. The trailer and announcements do not reveal much.

We do have some stilled gameplay footage from the then creative director Ikumi Nakamura, thanks to her tweet.

We will face some peaceful and some angry spirits. Battling the occult and feeding off conspiracies can be considered the summary. You are investigator for the supernatural with each survivor of the rapture-like disappearance having a unique story of their own to tell. You try to take the help of the peaceful spirits.


The trailer takes us through the plot of the game and is borderline creepy but still manages to wow people. From insane graphics to mind-blowing transitions, it really makes you sit on the edge of your seat.



PS5, Xbox and PC look the most likely to get this game.

Departure Of Ikumi Nakamura

It is strange that she left after getting positive feedback on the game.

“We can confirm that Nakamura-san has decided to leave Tango and we wish her the best of luck in whatever is next for her,” a rep said.

The game development continues to be led by Shinji Mikami and his team.

But the departure means a delay in the release date for this amazing game.

Ghostwire: Tokyo might further get delayed due to COVID-19.


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