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Gigi Hadid’s Dad Confirms Rumours By Writing Letter To His Grandchild!

Zayn and Gigi become parents
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Gigi Hadid’s Dad Confirms Rumours By Writing Letter To His Grandchild!: New relationships always bring happiness to a family. It makes us forget all the fights and quarrels and strengthens the bond. Gigi Hadid’s father has also expressed his joy in welcoming a new member of the family. Gigi’s mother confirmed her pregnancy in April.


Gigi Hadid and Mohamed Hadid
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Grandfather’s Letter

Gigi’s father confirms the news by writing a letter to his grandchild and posting it on Instagram. Though they have not revealed it officially. He wrote:

β€œHello little grandchild, it is me, my heart as happy as can be, I wish for you the sun & moon, I wish for you a happy time. Know that grandpa’s always here, I’ll do anything, anything for you, my dear.”

He further expressed his happiness in tears of joy and claimed his heart only belongs to him.

He tagged his daughter and captioned:

“In the name of God [the] merciful I want to say l love you and [am] so proud of you.”

Bella’s Post

Her sister Bella has also posted on Tuesday about being happy for both of them. She wrote:

β€œJune 11, 2020 … two buns in the oven except mine is from my burger and Gigi’s is from @zayn ” β€” before adding of Hadid and boyfriend Zayn Malik: β€œI love you both so freaking much – can’t stop crying.”

These letters and Instagram posts suggest that Gigi has probably given birth to her child. Finally, Gigi becomes a mom. However, we haven’t gotten a confirmation from either Gigi or Zayn Malik. Nevertheless, we congratulate the couple on eventually becoming parents.

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